Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ten Reasons Keweenaw Brewing is Tops, Eh!

Keweenaw Brewing Company has quickly claimed its spot as my favorite Michigan beer. In fact, if Keweenaw is available, I’ll never buy another beer as long as I live. Here are ten reasons why:
  1. Microbrew in a can - It’s novel, it’s old-school, beer koozies.
  2. Keweenaw overfills the can ever so slightly, so when you pop the top there is a beautiful splashing sound and a slight foam spray. Nothing could feel more summer – makes me want to open the hood of an old muscle car and get bombed in the driveway.
  3. Fancy, overeducated pricks love Keweenaw, because it’s technically a microbrew. Never host a book club and feel ashamed of your beer.
  4. Dads love Keweenaw because it’s good, but it’s still a lawnmower beer. You’ll never hear, “Give me a Budweiser, instead,” but you will hear “Give me another.”
  5. Whatever the temperature, take one-third that number – now you know how many Keweenaw’s you can drink in one day.
  6. The names and graphics are priceless. Pick Axe Blonde Ale = St. Pauli’s Girl with a weapon – do not mess with this beer.
  7. Keweenaw’s motto: “The Keweenaw Brewing Company, located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, was founded with the goal of turning beer drinkers into craft beer lovers.” – plagiarized from Jesus.
  8. Lift Bridge Brown Ale is the best brown beer in the United States, hands down. How should brown beer taste? Easy.
  9. The Upper Peninsula – Say ya to da U.P., eh!
  10. Affordable. Bless your heart, Keweenaw.
I’ll see you this summer, Keweenaw, but know, you’re always in my heart (belly).

Friday, March 5, 2010

Detroit's Grand Trunk Railroad

From the Happy Hour Guys: “Downtown Detroit City. Slotted into a historic building on Woodward Avenue, the Grand Trunk Pub, once a ticket station for the Michigan-based Grand Trunk Railroad, is a fantastic hangout in the heart of the Motor City that specializes in Michigan Craft Beverages, including local beers, wines and MEAD! Join Jimmy, Mark, Jeff and Lakisha as they make their way through this very cool place and do battle with the best burger on any menu. Cheers!”