Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Size of the Great Lakes Compared to Europe

Image Via:
UPDATE: Image credit goes to MostlyHarm1ess on reddit, it would appear from the comments on this post. Hopefully I’ve now given proper credit.


MostlyHarm1ess said...

While I'm flattered i'm seeing my work shown somewhere else, not cool that you blatantly ripped it off with no credit.

Tim Chilcote said...

Happy to credit you. Tried to credit you, but couldn't figure out where the image came from, which is why I just linked to the Twitter link where I found it. I can take down the post, or please send me the source and I'll link to it.

Mostlyharm1ess said...

Found my image on Buzzfeed today, sourced to this posting.

Original posting:

I'm usually not a stickler for giving credit, but I was kind of floored that

1. It got any publicity.
2. It was sourced to some random blog.

Tim Chilcote said...

My apologies. Well, let me know, would you prefer I credited you on the post, or that I delete the post? Happy to accommodate... not in the business of stealing other people's work.