Friday, December 20, 2013

Michigan DNR Begins Belle Isle Revitalization

Belle Isle's 90-day transition to becoming Michigan's 102nd state park began just over a month ago, and revitalization efforts are well under way. At the culmination of the transition period on Feb. 10, 2014, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will assume management of the island park while the city of Detroit maintains ownership.

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing is "All in for Belle Isle."

DNR Parks and Recreation Division employees replace the roof on a picnic shelter on Belle Isle. Work like this is already under way during Belle Isle's 90-day transition to becoming Michigan's 102nd state park.

Members of DNR youth employment program restore a restroom on Belle Isle. Youth efforts are a big part of the island park’s revitalization plans.

DNR Forest Resources Division employees chip the remaining branches of felled trees on Belle Isle.

After cutting down many hazardous trees at Belle Isle, DNR Forest Resources personnel stack up the remains.

Photos by Michigan DNR

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Jessica Simons said...

Hi Tim -- Thanks for the great overview of what's happening on Belle Isle. The photos of the hazardous trees being removed are particularly relevant to an interesting new business model now led by Recycle Ann Arbor: The Urbanwood Project. Small sawmills around the area salvage these types of logs and sell the lumber in local restores. It's a beautiful partnership that links communities, businesses, and sustainability. I'd be glad to provide more info if you are interested.